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Mission nimmt wichtige Hürde

APCON supplies the mirror drive unit for Optical Bench Electronics, Laser Ranging Instrument of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment.

RIT Ion Thruster Engines - New RFG1000
APCON forces development of
Radio Frequency Generators
and Power Supply for Ion
Thruster Engines.
Industrialization and Production
of µRIT Ion Thuster components
are finished.

Image of RFG & PSCU µRIT Miniature Version

Airbus testet Hochleistungsionenantrieb.

KOMPSAT-3A Satellite
The camera (payload) of K3A Satellite is powered by APCON.

DESIS - Hyperspectral Sensor for MUSES
APCON receives contract for the power supply of the FPA camera front end electronic

MES1/2 Test Unit
APCON receive contract for Field MES1/2 Testunit Missile Simulator.

Successfully Launch of WGS-7
ULA Delta IV rocket successfully launches

The satellite is equipped with AOCS (Attitude Orbit Control Systems)...powered by APCON.

Neue Details über den Rosetta-Kometen

JSS56 JenaSpaceborn Scanner
SSTL Surrey´s KazMRES successfully
launched inJune 2014

The satellite is equipped with JSS56 Jena Spaceborn Scanner ...powered by APCON.

Current Projects

Airbus testet

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Power Supply for Mirror Drive

Power Supply for Camera Payload

Power Supply for Camera Payload

Flight Model production phase of Power Supply

JSS56 Jena Space
Power Supply for Camera Payload

Power Supply for AOCS
AOCS Star Tracker
Power Supplies.

MES1/2 Test Unit
Field MES1/2 Testunit
Missile Simulator

Radio Frequency
Generators for Ion
Thruster Engines
- RFG900W
- RFG600W
- RFG60W

Rosetta Mission

Venus Express